Chihuahua Puppies For Sale

AKC Chihuahuas Puppies For Sale AZ Outwest Puppies is a 40-year family effort to raise a quality line of AKC Chihuahuas located in Phoenix, Arizona. We ship our chihuahua puppies throughout the United States and Canada. International shipping is also available. Our tiny chihuahua puppies come with a health guarantee and are up to date on all shots and worming. We specialize in finding you the perfect chihuahua puppy and making the buying process a pleasant experience. Please take a look at our beautiful chihuahua puppies for sale. E-mail us with any questions you may have.  

Lady, AKC Female

Shorthair White Female, DOB: 06/15/22.  Estimated adult weight low 4 pound range.Just $4200.  Ready to go August 24th!


Belle & Beauty, AKC Females

DOB: 08/23/22.

Sleeping Beauty: Longhair Chocolate Merle Female. Estimated adult weight in 4 pound range. Just $3,800.

Belle: ADOPTED!! Longhair Chocolate w/ Tan & White Female. Estimated adult weight 4 pound range. Just $3,800.

Ready to go October 18th!!!

Ziggy, AKC Male

Shorthair Black w/ Tan & White Male,  DOB:  03/06/22.  Estimated adult weight in 4.5 pound range.  Just $1800. Ready to go May 1st!


Prince Charming, AKC Male

DOB: 08/25/22. 

ADOPTED!! Longhair Black w/ Tan & White Male. Estimated adult weight high 4 pound range. Just $2,400.  

Ready to go October 20th!


Goose, AKC Male

Shorthair Chocolate w/ White Male, DOB: 06/30/22. Estimated adult weight in the 4 pound range. Just $2400. Ready to go September 1st!

Iceman, AKC Male

DOB: 06/30/22

Longhair Black w/ Tan & White Male.  Estimated adult weight in the 5 pound range full grown.  Just $2100

Ready to go now!!


Pocahontas, AKC Female

DOB: 08/23/22

Longhair Chocolate w/ Tan & White Female. Estimated adult weight in the low 4 pound range. Just $3,800.

Ready to go October 18th!!


AKC, Kristoff & Anna

DOB: 08/23/22

Anna: Longhair Chocolate Merle Female. Estimated adult weight in the low 5 pound range. Just $3,800.

Kristoff: Longhair Chocolate w/ Tan & White Male. Estimated adult weight in the 5 pound range. Just $2,400.

Ready to go October 18th!!

The Chihuahua is a small American dog characterized by large eyes, prominent ears, a small stature, and a fontanel (or a soft spot on the head similar to a newborn baby’s soft spot). If you look up close at the beautiful features of a Chihuahua, you will see why purchasing a Chihuahua puppy from a reliable breeder is a smart choice. Your decision also represents a sizeable investment and a possible opportunity for long-term income. By becoming a Chihuahua owner, you should also research the years of caretaking involved in responsible pet ownership. Where did the Chihuahua breed come from? Formed in 1923, the Chihuahua Club of America traces the history of small dogs resembling Chihuahuas to the 9th century. These dapper dogs have been found in artistic representations from locations around the world, including the civilizations of Malta, Europe, Egypt, China, South America, and Mexico. The modern variety of Chihuahuas results from the dispersion of Mexican dogs around the world, but especially in the USA. Americans who travelled in the 19th century are credited with bringing these fine animals home to the USA. Today’s Chihuahua is an American breed of fine dogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) became the first organization to officially recognize these breeds of Chihuahuas in 1924. Later, the Short Hair and Long Hair breeds of Chihuahuas were classified into separate varieties within their own categories. Based in Phoenix AZ, Out West Puppies is proud to provide fine Chihuahua puppies, including the Shorthair Chihuahua Puppy. If you are looking for a Chihuahua Puppy For Sale Arizona, find out why Out West Puppies is your trusted source for these fine dogs. Arizona offers a healthy climate for raising animals. The dry air and year-round sunshine is good for puppies in the same way it is good for retirees. As a responsible Chihuahua Breeder, we provide you with puppies that meet the standards of the breed. You get the convenience of ordering a Chihuahua puppy online. Outwest Puppies also offers the Champion Teacup/Toy Chihuahua for Sale and the great show dog—the AKC Champion Chihuahua. Phoenix AZ is the home of Out West Puppies and the geographical source of your Chihuahua companion. We encourage you to browse around our site. Discover how owning a small, four-legged friend that comes from a documented history of fine breeding will give you a taste of Old Mexico. Claim a Chihuahua puppy as a pet or prepare your little friend for a future in breeding or exhibition.