Customer Comments

February 2023
Hi Cindy! The little guy is fitting in so great here.  We are so in love! ♡ My son, Rex, is totally obsessed with him, making sure he gets praised for going potty outside, and has been diligently hand-feeding him his kibble, which is great because he wasn’t eating it out of the bowl.  He slept snuggled up with us, of course.  Rex normally wakes up, asks for Huall-e, screams for Huall-e while fishing for my phone, and then wants to see Huall-e pics on my phone. every. morning.  This morning, the puppy was up on the pillow above our heads instead of snuggled up between us like he was all night, and Rex woke up and smiled at me and very sweetly was like, “Puppy? Puppy…?” looking around, then found him, and just smiled and laughed and was like, “Happy Happy Puppy, g’morninggggg” 🙂  Thank you so much for bringing this new little light into our lives!  He is so precious!
~Vanessa from California

October 2022
I got my female from her almost 6 years ago and it was the best decision ever. 100% recommend her ♡
~Crystal from Arizona

July 2022
We have 2 of her pups! We love them SO much! And the most well behaved puppies we’ve ever had! It’s hard to go out and socialize because everyone freaks out how beautiful and cool they are! But they love the attention. I think our Rambo now thinks his name is “Oh my goodness!”
~Carrie from Arizona

June 2022
I got one of your pups in 2018 and he looks related some of your other puppies.  He’s doing great and I wouldn’t trade him for the world!
~Sharon from Arizona

November 2020
You have been on my mind all day, and every day pretty much every day since we have been with Cream Puff, we call her CiCi since we already have a chocolate Cornish named CoCo Puff. CiCi likes her new name and comes to it easily, if you have a little treat for her.  As a former feline breeder, who had just laid to rest his 14 year old male, cream and white Chihuahua, there was a hole in our hearts as big as a truck to fill. It’s always a hard process to go through, especially when you are trying to find a notoriously “cranky” breed, you just don’t know what to expect. Cranky was something our little male was not in any way as he loved people and people loved him, making him a true ambassador for the breed.  Finding Outwest Puppies was an answer to our prayers!  Even though it was going to be extremely difficult to find a pet who had the same character and personality, Cindy stepped up with a retired cream and white female who fits right in with our family of six cats and a large Standard Poodle.  You could tell almost immediately just how special this little girl was to her owner/breeders by the way she acted in our arms. Calm, sweetness oozing from her little body with little to no fear she would be harmed in any way. A true sign of a great breeding program, take it from me.  If we ever encounter anyone looking for a puppy, we will send them to Outwest Puppies in a New York minute. Thank you Cindy, Andrea, and the whole family for being such great stewards of this breed.
~Steven & Linda from Arizona

November 2020
I highly recommend Outwest Puppies, not only for quality Chihuahuas, but for the care and love that is given to the puppies.  We have a 4-year-old and now a 6-week-old.  They are calm and very intelligent and have been so easy to train.  Cindy is always a pleasure to work with and made sure we had everything we needed to get started and ready for the first day home with our babies.  We are so thankful we found them!!!
~Wendy from Arizona

October 2020
After searching for legitimate Arizona chihuahua breeders, we found Cindy (Outwest puppies).  We were able to come see the puppies in person and the process was the most pleasant. Our family has had chihuahuas for the past 25 years and her puppies are literally the most intelligent and loving we have ever had, wonderful personalities and sound little bodies which I credit to their selective breeding and socialization from birth. We will be picking up another baby girl from Outwest at the end of this month, and named them all after famous female rock stars (Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett and now Cindi Lauper).  Thank you Outwest for our precious little gems, they will have most loving home! ❤
~Krissy from Arizona

September 2020
Hi Cindy, I wanted to let you know Kit Kat (now named Cha-Cha) is doing sooo well!!  She’s completely house broken, has learned to “sit” on command, and is being spoiled rotten!  Next week she gets her last puppy shot and a vet check.  She’s eating well, sleeps with mommy, and has about a million toys to play with.   She is, hands down, the most beautiful chi I’ve ever had, and she is by far, the sweetest angel!  She is 4 pounds now and spoiled every day.  She’s a very happy little puppy.  We comment on it all the time.  She clearly had a very happy home with you!  Thank you so much for this little angel!
~Wendy from Arizona

April 2020
We loved our first puppy Ranger from Outwest Puppies so much that we checked their website regularly for years after to see their new litters, which is how we found our second addition Penny.
Outwest Puppies made us feel comfortable bringing our puppies home and provided us with many supplies such as puppy food, fresh goat milk, care sheets, and more. Our chihuahuas are beautiful and so sweet.
Cindy and her family are very knowledgeable and hands-on. Knowing that all their puppies are bred and raised with care in their home made our choice to purchase twice from Outwest Puppies an easy one.  Thank you very much!
~Amanda from Arizona

March 2020
I cannot speak more highly of my experience with Outwest Puppies, nor of the sweet love bug I ultimately purchased from them. Last year, I sadly had to say goodbye to my 20yo Chihuahua.  So, by this Spring, I was eager to find a new little pup however I was hesitant to purchase a dog over the internet because I didn’t want to be scammed and I didn’t want to unknowingly buy a dog from an inhumane puppy mill. Thankfully for me, my Mom found Outwest Puppies and she was able to visit the dogs in person. Mom was ecstatic to report that the puppies were raised in a calm, clean environment and all puppies were happy and well-socialized. After speaking with Cindy about the available puppies, I settled on a darling, long-haired Chihuahua who I named Theodore. Teddy arrived via plane, safe and secure in a carrier with food and water for the flight. Seven months in, I can honestly say that I could not be more pleased with my Chihuahua. Teddy loves playing fetch, socializing with the other dogs at doggie daycare, and snuggling up with me at night. I would recommend Outwest Puppies to anyone in the market for a new, furry friend. Not only is the breeder honest and reputable, but the puppy I purchased arrived happy and 100% healthy!!
~Chelsea from Nevada

March 2020
Hi there,
My name is Stefanie. My family and I purchased Bam Bam from you back in 2014. He has been the absolute greatest addition to our family. He is such a sweet boy, we spoil him lots of course!
We always keep up with your website and look at new postings. 🙂 Hope this email meets you well, wishing you good health!
Thank you kindly,
~Stefanie from Canada

November 2019
I just wanted to let you know how our little Pixie Mist is doing.  I know you took very good care of her and I know that you hated to see her go.  I want you to know that she still lays on her back when I hold her.  She has her own bean bag that sits in front of a window and she loves to see outside.  She is very busy all the time with her toys.  She runs all over the house with some kind of toy in her mouth all the time.  She loves to ride in the car but sleeps in a bed on my lap most of the time we are gone.  She eats very well and likes her goat milk best.  She always drinks that first. 🙂 She does not care for strangers yet and runs around the house looking for me when I’m gone.  At the vets a few weeks ago, she weighed 2.7 lbs.  I wanted you and your family to know that she is well and is very happy and is very much loved.  When you read this, I hope it puts a big smile on your face knowing she is very happy.  Potty-training is another thing entirely.  She just sits there and says, “No, I won’t.” Guess we’ll just have to see which one of us is going to win. 🙂
~Janet from Arizona

October 2019
Hi Cindy.  Bruiser celebrated his first birthday yesterday.  He is happy and healthy and is weighing in at 3.5 pounds!  I love him so much!!!  He is the absolute sweetest boy.  I love him to pieces!!!  He is so sweet.  You breed fabulous dogs.  Funny though that he and Astro no longer get along.  Astro is huge!!!  Hope you and your family are well!!!
~Kathy from Arizona

May 2019
Gizmo (Boots) is a very well-behaved puppy, his size is very small.  I am very pleased with his breeder at the care and clean conditions she keeps her puppies, and all his medical records up to date. He was not shy at all and he took to me very quickly.  He runs and plays and takes to fetching very well.  Thank you, Cindy, for my puppy.  He wakes me every morning with kisses.
Thanks again.
~Dianne from Arizona

March 2019
Cindy, here is Willow Sioux (Buttercup). She is spending the summer in ND and loves exploring the backyard. She’s very smart and has a wonderful personality. Willow gets along with our older chihuahua and they are constantly together. She uses the doggy door many, many times a day. We have been so pleased with her traveling in the vehicles, she couldn’t be any better. Willow gets along well with everyone (other animals and people). She especially loves the children, and gives them all lots of kisses. She’s 5 pounds, just as we were told she would be.
We want to thank you for letting us add her to our family. We love her and she brings us so much pleasure. When the time is right, and we are looking for another fur baby, you’re the one we’ll contact.
~Jo from Arizona

January 2019
Mr. Stubs is the love of my home. Nothing but the best for him. The best wet and dry food. He is potty-trained and sleeps at the foot of my bed. He travels everywhere we go. He is happy and loved. Thank you so much.
~Maria from Arizona

November 2018
Rocky is amazing! He has not cried once and is so perfect. He potties on his new little grass yard and he ate hard food already. We love him so much!
~Michajla from Arizona

October 2018
I am so in love with my little Renée—the whole family is! He is the cutest little chihuahua ever, and he has the sweetest temperament. If I ever decide to get another teacup I wouldn’t even consider going to any other breeder. Anyone wanting to adopt a chihuahua should know that I am so pleased, and highly recommend you. The communication was easy and quickly responsive, and it’s obvious your dogs are raised with love and kindness! Thank you so much!
~Neva from California

September 2018
Thank you so much for the new member of our family!!!! Hershey is doing amazing!
~Todd from Arizona

July 2018
Grizzly is doing just fine with everyone and is now named Nacho. He has made my Elvis into his new best friend and he fits the family very well. Thanks!
~Jackie from Arizona

July 2018
Duke is the most precious chihuahua I have ever seen! Thank you for your faith in me. Feel free to check in if you ever want to know how he is doing. Thank you so much!
~Tracy from Arizona

June 2018
I got a fantastic pup from Outwest a year ago, but one NEEDS more than one Chihuahua. As another commenter pointed out, it takes several to make up one dog. I recently decided to adopt another, but only from this breeder. Her pups are fantastic, pre-socialized, happy, and housetrained according to their ages, etc. I found one, little Tracer, a cute little cream guy, old enough to be house trained. I took him home and he fit in just like he had always been there. He is absolutely adorable. He is fairly chill, and he never barks. But it didn’t stop there—had to go back and get that adorable little Poppy as well! He was a 5 month old live wire. I can put him down and his legs are running before he ever gets to ground level. My babies run around and play like kittens, keeping me entertained. I sleep at night with little warm bodies draped over my neck and curled up next to me. Life could not be better. I love these little boys with everything in me. Tracer and Poppy are now Simon and Garfunkel (Funky). I have now had 3 of Outwest’s pups and all have even temperaments, little to no yapping, cuddly and loving, with sturdy, big personalities. I recommend this breeder very highly!
~Susan from Arizona

April 2018
Hey Cindy, Chica is a little lady, full of energy but very sweet and loveable. Both love everybody!!!! Mija is also full of energy… we love to watch the two of them play.  Last week my husband was watching Star Wars on TV and I was working in the kitchen. The TV started doing goofy things, the volume kept going up and down…weird things were happening. Norb played with the universal remote, got the old remote out but things kept on happening.  Here comes Mija with the remote from the den in her tiny mouth. She had jumped up on the sofa in the den, got that remote, turned on the TV in the den and messed with the TV in the living room.  Out of the two, Mija is the one who gets under the covers to sleep with us. Chica prefers to sleep in the doggie bed.  We love them both so much….they are so smart!

~Patti from Arizona

October 2017
Hi! I purchased a Chihuahua in October and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my little Boo (originally Backson)! He is the most wonderful, energetic, loving little ball of fur and I couldn’t be happier with my little guy. For starters, he is SO SMART! He caught on to the commands of “sit” and “fetch” immediately. Also, he came potty-trained and is doing so well! He is thriving here at my home and I adore him. He makes the cutest little faces and smiles when he plays. I love him so much, thank you so much for being such a wonderful breeder and putting such wonderful little Chihuahuas for adoption! Boo is my pride and joy, he is rolled over, sitting in my lap as I write this, actually :’) I love him so much, thank you!

~Sara from Arizona

August 2017
I bought a puppy from you a few weeks back. I was looking for a very energetic little dog who had potential as a hearing ear dog. Based on my criteria wish list, you suggested Choco and I came to see him. You were spot on! I took him home and he is by far the smartest dog I have ever worked with. In addition, he is so lovable that he instantly became the beloved pet I wanted him to be. I have added the name Tiquanna to his registered name (that is Inuit for adopted son), and we call him Tiqo. We took him to the vet right away, and the vet pronounced him fit as a fiddle and told me I had found a good breeder. He said my little boy has all the salsa of a chihuahua without any of the aggression. He is right. In his training as a hearing dog, he has met all kinds of people and animals, and he has been social and well-mannered with everyone. I could not be happier. Sometimes one can have a service dog OR a pet. I am happy to report that Tiqo is settling into both roles very well and I have both! Now, if only I can find someone to make him a hearing dog vest! Even the tiny size swallows him whole and he just walks out of it, hehe! Keep up the good work!
~Susan from Arizona

UPDATE in June 2018:  I got a fantastic pup from Outwest Puppies a year ago, but one NEEDS more than one chihuahua. As another commenter pointed out, it takes several to make up one dog. I recently decided to adopt another but only from this breeder. Her pups are fantastic, pre-socialized, happy, and housetrained according to their ages, etc. I found one little Tracer, a cute little cream guy old enough to be housetrained, took him home, and he fit in just like he had always been there. He is absolutely adorable. He is fairly chill, and he never barks. But it didn’t stop there—had to go back and get that adorable little Poppy as well! He was a 5-month-old live wire. I can put him down and his legs are running before he ever gets to ground level. My babies run around and play like kittens, keeping me entertained. I sleep at night with little warm bodies draped over my neck and curled up next to me. Life could not be better. I love these little boys with everything in me. Tracer and Poppy are now Simon and Garfunkel (Funky).  I have now had 3 Outwest puppies and all have even temperaments, little to no yapping, cuddly and loving, sturdy, and big personalities. I recommend this breeder very highly.

April 2017 
We got our little girl Chiquita from Outwest Puppies. She is a beautiful and well-adjusted little dog.
We have only had her a week and have already gotten a ton of comments about what a nice looking Chihuahua she is. Cindy was wonderful to work with and made the process of adding Chiquita to our family a very pleasant one.  We could not be any happier with our new furry family member. She is sweet, playful, happy, and super healthy. The vet said she is in perfect shape and healthy as could be. I would recommended anyone to purchase a puppy from Outwest Puppies.  If I decide to ever add another Chihuahua to the family, I will most certainly be purchasing from Outwest Puppies.

~Thanks again from Shane and Crystal in Delaware 🙂

PS:  Chiquita has been everywhere with us and seems to really enjoy it. She patiently sits in her little dog bag and takes a nap when we are out to eat.  She has even went to Lowe’s, the grocery store, and Walmart. She is a very happy and lovable girl. Everywhere she goes she gets tons of attention 🙂  She is definitely my wife’s dog. She follows her all over, even had to cuddle on her chest while she soaked in the tub. She sat beside the tub whining until my wife picked her up. My wife is totally smitten, as am I. She has an awesome personality. You did a wonderful job raising her. Thank you again so much.

UPDATE in September 2017:  Hello, this is Shane’s wife, Crystal.  A few months back we got our sweet little girl from you.  She was intended to be a emotional support animal for me and she has done an amazing job at it.  She goes wherever I go and everyone loves her.  Little did we know when we got her that she would save my life. Over the last few months she has dug, nipped, and pushed her nose into my left breast.  I never thought anything of it, as I was nursing my son, so I thought maybe she smelled milk.  About 3 weeks back, I discovered a lump in that exact spot and it clicked.  She was telling me something was wrong.  If it hadn’t been for her determination, I may not of thought about it and just assumed it was a clogger duct.  Because of her, I got to my doctor quickly where they sent me for a breast ultrasound, which lead to a mammogram, and a core biopsy. The results came back on 8/22/17, just 6 days before my 32nd birthday, and I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  Because of this beautiful little girl, I caught it early and my prognosis is good.  I will be undergoing a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy.  Know that she will take good care of me during these hard times.  Thank you so very much for allowing me to love her and for her to love me.  She is absolutely amazing.  I will with no doubt get my next puppy from you if and when the time is right.

April 2017
The pups are doing well!  The fur ball which we will most likely name, Oreo, is going to be a little spitfire!  The other one is a little more demure and will be a whiner/talker, LOL!  I know you don’t have a TV, but the pups are absolutely fascinated by it, especially Oreo.  For a puppy’s attention span, she holds her eye on the TV for 10 seconds, sometimes just staring.  Cookie will cock her head sideways when watching.  I told a friend of mine that I need more dogs like I need another hole in my head, but not having any children, they are our kids, and after all, Chihuahuas don’t count as one dog, it takes a few of them to equal one dog, so we really don’t have as many dogs as we think, LOL.

~Cheryl from Arizona

February 2017
Bam Bam is doing great here in Canada. He loves wearing his sweaters and t-shirts that have kept him nice and warm this winter!  He has been such a wonderful addition to our family and he brings so much joy and happiness into our lives, we love him so much!  He is spoiled rotten with fresh bones daily, treats, new toys, new sweaters, and he loves having his teeth brushed!  He gets along so well with the other Chihuahuas we own, they love to cuddle up next to each other on a cozy blanket in front of the fireplace or chase each other around in the backyard on summer days. We can’t thank you enough or say how wonderful it has been to have Bam Bam in our family.
~Stefanie from Canada

January 2017
I just wanted to update you on Pokey (now named Stuart for “Stuart Little”).  He is doing awesome!  He is using the litter box and is also going potty outside as well.  He walks well on a leash.  He is also still eating well and now weighs 3 pounds.  Even though he is tiny he doesn’t act like a tiny guy, LOL!  He is very intelligent and is learning quickly!  But I am just a little prejudice too, LOL.  He just fits right into our household.  I can’t imagine life without him now.
Thanks for giving us our new family member!

~Susan from Arizona

January 2017
Romeo is doing great!  He has such a great personality and adjusting just fine.  Love him!!!

~Wendy from Arizona

December 2016
Marshall is doing great, eating well, drinking water, and the plumbing is working, too. LOL.  We just love him!
Puppies are a lot of work, but we are very happy he is part of our family. Thanks again for everything!

~Joe from Nevada

October 2016
My name is Mallorie and I purchased a puppy from you last August, 2015, named Puddin.  I just wanted to email you and let you know that she is the most wonderful, sweetest dog I’ve ever had!  I absolutely love her and couldn’t ask for a better Chihuahua!  She’s so friendly and sweet, I take her everywhere with me and get so many compliments on how sweet and cute she is.  Thank you again for such a wonderful baby!!
~Mallorie from Arizona
May 2016
Just a little note to let you know that Tica is adjusting very nicely to her new home.  She has already learned where here food bowl is
and she crawls up into her bed by herself when she’s tired.

~Dan & Maryann from Arizona

May 2016
Bentley turned a year old April 30th.  I love this little guy so much.  He is absolutely perfect and a character.  His personality has me laughing daily!  He gets so many compliments about his perfect apple dome head and little muzzle. I seriously get stopped every time we are out about where did I get him from.  I wanted to say thank you.  He has made me so happy and I love him so much! Thanks.

~Jessica from Arizona

September 2015
I am dropping you a note just to let you know how pleased we are with Dutchess (we now call her Cappuccino).  She is a joy to have around the house, a loving and playful dog with whom my wife and I have both closely bonded.  Cap is socializing very well with humans and with other dogs.  She seems to really like our home and has recently taken to “defending” it with some limited barking (and hair raising), which is exactly what we wanted.  She car-travels very well now.  A week ago she traveled in her car crate for a trip which was 3.5 hours one way.  She slept most of time, but readily exercised at the rest stops.  As you know, the vet in Mesa said she was in very good health.  Our local vet said the same today.  The vet and technician both commented on her beautiful markings.  One of the front office staff held her and repeatedly kissed her.  In public, people look at her and give out a big smile.  In our last two walks to my neighborhood park, two different women have pulled over their cars to say how pretty Cap was and ask where I got her.  Oh, she has gained a whopping 9 ounces since leaving you.  Her teeth are coming in very strong and her coat is shiny and soft.  I may have written a little too much, but I wanted to recognize all your efforts to provide Chihuahuas of the highest quality, with a great temperament, and fun-loving personalities.  Thank you for everything you did.  Every step of the adoption process was done with professionalism and caring on your part.
~Randy from California

September 2015
Buttercup is beautiful… happy kids, she loves kids!!  Thank you so much for helping find the perfect puppy for me.  She is so happy here!!!!  Thanks!
~Melinda from Montana

September 2015
“CeCe” (short for Cotton Candy) is adjusting nicely and is feeling quite at home now.  What a wonderful personality she has, and so smart!  She & our cat, Kit, who is twice her size, got along immediately.  They seem like they have been buddies forever.  The vet was so happy to see we have a new puppy and fell absolutely in love with her as well.  Friends & family have been stopping by to see her and she just loves everybody and everybody loves her, too!  They want one, hahaa!  So again, thank you so very much for everything.  CeCe is just a joy, we are all so happy. She is as sweet as can be.
~Paula from New Jersey

August 2015
Got Da-Bo.  I’m going rename him to Teddy.  Thank You so much!
~Trung from Maryland

August 2015
I bought my little Belle from you 2 weeks ago, and I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great!  I just adore her and am so thankful for such a beautiful, precious baby!  She’s so spoiled and so loved!  She has brought so much happiness to my life!  Thank you again for such a great baby!
~Mallorie from Arizona

August 2015
All is well with Tubby.  The new task at hand is teaching him how to jump up and down from the little step onto our back deck, and from the deck onto the grass, and vice versa. He face-planted this morning trying to jump off onto the grass. I think he thought he could fly or something.  I will keep in touch!  Thank you so much.
~Cimbria from Massachusetts

July 2015
We want you to know Shimmer is just a joy!  She is going to be spoiled for sure!  We have a game with her, throwing one kibble at a time so she will chase it and eat it.  Also took her to the vet today (Friday), and not surprising, she was a given a great bill of health.  She was a big hit at the vet office.  She also got her rabies shot.  Did not slow her down!!  Anyway, all is great and she loves to be with us and us with her!!  Thank you!
~Les and Jean from Arizona

July 2015
We are enjoying our little Twinkie so much.  She is so happy and gets along with the other animals in our home. She has learned to like kale, too!  Our dogs always loved Romaine lettuce, but since kale is the latest veggie for us to eat and feed our tortoise, our little Twinkie has learned a new game.  She chews and plays with the stalks, too.  She is so entertaining when she is hopping around with all her energy. She has a nice shiny coat.  I do hope all is well with your family!
~Judy from Arizona

July 2015
I wanted to let you know that Chica had a wonderful first night with us.  Today she has been so playful and fun. She is such a good puppy and such a joy.  We absolutely love her and she’s sooooooooo adorable & sweet!!  Thank you again sooooooo VERY much Cindy! 🙂
~Becky and Joe from Florida

May 2015
Gladiola (a.k.a Adelia) has made herself at home, and is doing great with training and socialization.  She seems to think that I take her to stores only for her benefit.  She seems to be under the impression that we go to these places so people can pet her.  She definitely works the crowds.  I can’t remember if I mentioned the dog show we just took her to, as she walked around, she tried to play with every dog, from Brussels to Great Danes, LOL. She isn’t afraid of anything and LOVES EVERYTHING!  She is too funny. She makes long lasting friends everywhere we go.  Lowe’s employees now ‘remember her’ and she sure wins over every sucker that will pet her.  She actually likes to cruise the main aisle, glancing down each small aisle we pass, to see if there is a person for her to go meet (and pet her).  The Tractor Supply Company (it’s like a feed store) has employees there that wait for her to come in.  Everyone always asks why she is so friendly.  It’s pretty funny.  Just this weekend we were at Hobby Lobby, and these twin girls that must have been maybe 4, were in love with her (just as she was with them).  I think people expect mean or scared little rats when they see a chihuahua coming at them, and then they’re surprised when she is dancing on her 2 hind legs, front two legs stretched out, crossing and reaching for them.  If she doesn’t win in a dog show ring, she sure has won the general public.  She LOVES “bye, bye.”  The moment she sees her dog bag, she runs around, crying to go.  She is heartbreakingly perfect.  Wish us luck at the show!  🙂
~Cassandra from California

February 2015
Bam Bam is doing great.  We love him and he loves us.  We went away on vacation last week and missed him so much.  Thanks for everything.
~ Mike from Canada

January 2015
I just wanted to update you on Baby – she is adjusting well. She is eating fine.  She gets along fine with my two other dogs and enjoyed the sun outside today (of course with her hoodie on).  I did rename her – Bella Louise.  She is a jewel – thank you so much!
~ Lori from Arizona

November 2014
Chief made it safe and sound.  He is adorable!  I look forward to spoiling him with Vancouver trails and Susan Lanci collars.  UPDATE TWO WEEKS LATER:  Toby (a.k.a. Chief) he is doing great!  You did a great job with him.  I was expecting an older male puppy to be more of a handful, but he is doing really well with the potty training, walks, and my work routine.  He fits our home perfectly.  Thank you again for everything!
~Kelli from Canada

November 2014
Robin is at home.  Everything went well.  He’s fine, and really beautiful, thank you.  You are really a person of trust and very serious.  UPDATE ONE MONTH LATER:  Yesterday he attended the dog show.  He finished 3rd, very promising in baby class.  Well to you.
~Caroline and Michael from Belgium

October 2014
Thank you very much for the wonderful dogs, they are most beautiful and smart.  Tanner won the largest dog show, judges were the owners of the kennel in Latvia.  We are all fine.  I am sending pictures of our latest children from Tanner and Gordo.
~Evgenya from Russia

October 2014
Tod is just amazing, lovely, and perfect!!!  I love him so much.  He is very happy with me and Nalah.  They play and sleep all the time together, and of course, with me!!!!  He has the best vet in France.  Nalah Is a nanny dog for him.  You are the best breeder ever!!  Best regards.  Thanks again.
~Pauline from France

September 2014
Bom dia…Good morning!  Wilma and I arrived safely in Rio de Janeiro yesterday.  My daughters absolutely love her, and they have named her Zoe (now we have a Zoe and a Chloe).  Zoe is eating well, has adjusted, and is now sleeping in my office here.  She’s a big hit at our school as well.  I will send you another update with some “Zoe in Rio” pics shortly, just wanted to give you an update.  You have bred a very beautiful puppy in Zoe. Keep up the great work!  Thank you!
~Michael and Lindsay from Brazil

September 2014
I just wanted to give you a quick thanks and update. Cowboy, aka Knox Batman is doing so great! He has a wonderful temperament. He is sweet, playful, and loves to cuddle. He is eating great, too. I’m trying not to spoil him too much, but it’s difficult not to. I have two school-age children that just love him too and Knox loves playing with them and licking their faces like crazy! It has been so therapeutic having him in our family. We are all laughing together and he’s brought us all closer together. Also, I had a severe back injury at work back in February. It has been a very long and painful recovery. I was getting very discouraged and started to feel down but now I have my little Knox to keep me company at home. He does my exercises with me at home. I’ve taken him for short walks and we do lots of cuddling. He has brought me so much joy and happiness and I look forward to many years with my little boy. Thank you to you and your family for raising such wonderful puppies. Also, thanks for delivering him to us, that was so great!
~Jennifer and family from Arizona

August 2014
Peter Pan arrived well in France! When I got back, he was very tired of the journey. Then little by little, he drank and ate. He adopted me very fast!! It is a real happiness! It is real quite soft love. He is really magnificent! Even more beautiful than on the photos which you had sent me! I join to this e-mail some photos of my American dream since its arrival at our home (with us). Thank you, Cindy, for this so beautiful chap! I am so happy he is finally with me!
~Anaïs from France

August 2014
I’m from Sweden and I own a chihuahua from your kennel. She has grown up to a lovely lady with loads of temperament. Here’s two pictures of her all grown up. Regards.
~Mia from Sweden

July 2014
Tod is amazing, he is just perfect!!!!! He was so happy to see my fiancé and me this morning!! He is very cute, amazing, and sweet. We love him alot!!!!! Thank you so much. Best regards.
~Pauline and Igor from France

June 2014
Thought I would give you a quick update on sweet Harley. He went for his first road trip to California this weekend! He was so good! He went to the vet today and he’s doing great!! He’s gained a pound. He also just went on his first plane ride! :- He is such a sweetheart!
~Jennifer from Arizona

May 2014
I am so glad that I was able to still locate you at the same e-mail address after 9 years.  My precious Michaela has brought me so much joy and companionship through a lot of hard times in my life, especially after the death of my son, whom I named her after.  I got her one month after my son passed away, and still to this day whenever she sees me crying, she comes and gets up on my chest and licks the tears from my eyes.  She has the best little heart and happy disposition and has never once growled, snapped, or bitten anyone.  My vet brags about her to everyone about what a good chihuahua she is.  Wherever I take her, people always stop and tell me how pretty they think she is.  Thanks again for everything,
~Connie from Virginia
April 2014

My wife and mother-in-law just got Laddie at the airport about 20 minutes ago. Thanks!
~Mike from Wyoming

April 2014
It has been four years now this summer when we bought the four puppies from you: Diablo (Foxy), Chiquita (Snow White), Little Taff, and Cindy Lou (AKA Cinni for Cinnabon as she is the color of a Cinnabon)! I can’t believe they are four years old now! Times goes by so fast. They are all doing so well and healthy! Diablo and Taff are such good-natured little boys. They all are, but the boys put up with the girls when they get cranky, LOL. They just back off like little gentlmen and don’t snap back. Chiquita is a dominant little girl and thinks she is one of the boys, whereas Cinni is a little lady and polite, usually, LOL. I hope all is well with you and your family. I keep an eye on your site as I just love the puppies!
~Cheryl from Arizona

April 2014
The girls are ok, they are with us, and we are very happy. They arrived here smelling good and well-treated. They are so beautiful. Thanks so much for the girls!
~Clara & Márcia from Brazil

March 2014
Thought I would let you know how much we love Molly. She has made such a difference in our family and we spoil her rotten!!!
~Lorna from Arizona

March 2014
Thank you for little Ranger! And for being willing to deliver him, too. He is very adorable and as sweet as can be!!! He is the most playful little guy. He also is in charge and keeps the other dogs in their places! I’ll keep in touch from time to time.
~Tracy from Arizona

February 2014
I just wanted to let you know that I have picked up the puppy and we are already home. He seems very happy and full of energy. Thank you again. He’s adorable!
~Alexandra from California

December 2013
Hope you are well. I just wanted to give you an update on our pup! We decided to name him Wall-E from the Disney Pixar movie. He has settled in amazingly and is just an absolute bundle of joy in our lives! No behavior issues and was a breeze to puppy pad train, he picked it up right away and has only had a few accidents. He even sleeps with us in bed at night and wakes us up when he needs to go potty! He absolutely loves belly rubs, and he and his half brother that lives with our neighbor have become the very best of friends! Watching the two of them play is an absolute riot! Thank you so much for allowing him in our lives, we truly love him so much! Thanks again.
~Michelle from Arizona

November 2013
Just wanted to let you know I am so happy with Black Knight. He is such a good/sweet pup. I don’t know if you had started housebreaking him, but he’s been super easy to train!
~Laura from Massachusetts

October 2013
The babies are in real good shape! Super Star is on the way to becoming a real beauty… her fur is wowwowow!!!!! And Keysha is a little puppy doll and I really love her very much! Thanks!
~Annie from Quebec

October 2013
It is Lisa from south Texas. I have your Princess Tye Tye. She is the most wonderful dog ever… I don’t even call her my dog anymore, I call her my daughter. That is how she has defined herself in the family. Everyone knows how important she is to me, but most of all, she does. My day doesn’t start or end without her. She sleeps by my side every night. I know she was one of a kind. Thanks.
~Lisa from Texas

October 2013

The little puppy is doing great!!!! The trip in the plane was perfect. She is eating very well, and we are so happy with her. Thank you very much for letting us have that beautiful puppy. Everyone gets in love with her!
~Clara from Colombia

September 2013
I’m the one who drove from California to pick up a puppy. We were going to name him Gromit, but at the last minute the girls decided he should be named Zero (the dog in Nightmare Before Christmas). I just wanted to update you and let you know he’s doing great, and we adore him! He’s turned out to be a very healthy, playful, and happy little guy. He and my other chihuahua, Holly, get along well, though it took her awhile to realize she wasn’t an “only child” anymore. I just thought you might enjoy hearing how one of your babies is now doing. 🙂
~Terry from California

September 2013
I just want you to know that Chip is the best dog!!! He is so well-behaved. He already uses his potty pad, he sleeps in the bathroom at night in his little bed, and he gets along with all. He really is such a great, great puppy!! We just adore him. Thank you again!!
~joAnn from Arizona

August 2013
I hope you and yours are doing good, it has been a while since I have talked to you. Everything is doing good here. Velvet & Houdini are growing well and are the most lovely puppy dogs I have ever owed before. They are smart, gentle, obedient, and very affectionated. They also are the prettiest pups I have ever had. Their adult teeth are coming out for the two, and they look to be all right so far. ;o) I am really pleased with them two. Have a great weekend, we are sending our best thoughts.
~Isabelle from France

August 2013
Now we are at home with Coverboy, he is soooo lovely. :)) Thank you for this beautiful boy. Everyone loves him. I have been to my vet to check his teeth and pre-check his patella, everything was good.
~Carina from Sweden

May 2013
This is a short email to tell you that Velvet is now home. What a pretty girl she is, and what a lovely color she has!!! I have never seen such a beautiful color before!!! She’s a real doll. I am amazed at her!!! She’s a bit tired tonight, she’s going to sleep in our bedroom. She’s so lovely. :o)) Houdini welcomed her the minute he saw her. He likes to sleep with us in our bed, he’s a very playful baby and has such a lovely temperament. THANK YOU very much for allowing me to have them here. Keep in touch.
~Isabelle from France

March 2013
I have been meaning to email you a picture of Bella–she is such a doll!! What a great outlook on life she has!! She is 1 year old now and 4 pounds. She has not a single health problem!
~Glen from Arizona

March 2013
Fergie is doing good. She didn’t miss a beat, very friendly, and just acts like she has always been here. She is not lacking in personality for sure, LOL! Thanks.
~Kristen from Missouri

September 2012
Little Chocolate Shadow arrived in good condition. I love him very much, he is my baby love. He likes to be in my arms, he eats well, he goes on puppy trainers, and he barks only when he sees himself in the mirror! He is adorable, just like I thought, with a very short nose and beautiful color. He sleeps in my arms all night. He is my baby and I think he will be a beautiful adult. He is very playful and I am very very happy. Thank you very much.
~Danielle from France

July 2012
Sweetpea is beautiful.. I was right to trust you. She really has a huge head, superb! She already cuddles, she is much love! Thank you so much! She has a golden character, she’s not afraid of anything. She follows me everywhere, she is very playful and cuddly, and did not seem to be bothered by the long journey she had. She is perfect! UPDATE: I give you news of Sweetpea. She is wonderful!! She is very joyous, very playful and very dominant! I will bring her to the canine show because she is made for it! I never cease to thank you, Cindy, for this wonder! Thank you very much.
~Caroline from France

March 2012
We’ve just arrived and Scarlett and Rudy are settled just beside my bedroom. They seem to be tired but HAPPY. They have drank and eaten and discovered their new home. We are more than happy by discovering their extreme type, but even more by their sweetness and stable personality. Rudy seems to have a strong character (and this is very good for a future stallion) and Scarlett is a real little princess, sweet and delicate. Thank you very much for these two pearls.
~Adeline & Mauricio from Brazil

February 2012
Hi! Lady is doing well. She certainly is a pistol! Great personality. She loves to play and jump around. She hates the collar, but I make her wear it for a few hours every day. The weather has been too cold to take her for walks every day. When it is warm, we go out and she starts slow on the leash, but eventually she understands that I am not going to pick her up and not going to take it off. Once she gets going, she does great. We had to make two trips to the emergency room. First, she hovered the carpet and found a sunflower seed shell and got it stuck in her throat. By the time we got to the doctor, she had worked it down and so I gave her white bread to encapsulate the shell. The second time we were playing and she was jumping around and landed badly on her front arm–a little swelling, not broken and all is well now. She really likes people, which is good. She seems to get along well with other dogs as well. She has the most unusual eye color. They are a light brown/green color. Just beautiful, and gives her face a wonderful quality. Overall, a great little girl! I love her.
~Theresa from North Carolina

December 2011
Jamaica Belle came and all is fine with her well being. We thank you for everything. You really are a wonderful person, very kind, perfect! Thanks infinitely! Thanks for everything! With love,
~Silvia & Chiara from Italy

November 2011
Choco Lata is alive and well arrived. She has a good character and has already made friends with the pack. She is a small treasure, we now call her Fly. Thanks again for this beautiful and friendly dog. Your kind nature makes us much joy, since you’ve done magnificent. I’m very grateful that I could have a dog from your breeding program. Thank you. I hope we stay in touch. UPDATE IN JANUARY 2012: Fly has grown up now super. She has a thick, glossy coat. She has a scissor bite, a perfect 6/6. Her character is just wonderful. She is a sweet dog who likes all people and animals. All of which have come to know Fly are impressed by her. Thank you.
~Sandra from Switzerland

November 2011
Baby Cakes arrived well, and she’s really beautiful and cute. I am very happy. Surely I’ll buy a dog in the spring, let me know about new litters please.
~Carine from France

August 2011
Hi! I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how the gang is doing! I got 7 chihuahua puppies from you, I’m sure you remember me! My aunt has one little male and my cousin a little female, and I have 4 adorable babies, originally 5, but poor Moses was killed, and we still miss him to this day. Noah is still only 2 1/2 pounds. He never grew and he is my smallest and most treasured, the very first little angel I got from you. Then Jordon, who you were going to keep, she is so adorable and still hops on her back legs when she wants love. Elijah, the longhair white male who looked like Noah’s twin when he was a baby, now so fluffy and full coated and as fiesty as ever, and Eve, a longcoat female who has become anything but a teacup, LOL, she is the biggest, but has a beautiful, full, fluffy coat. I just want you to know that I am so happy I got all of my babies from you and we adore them all. I still want another MOSES, although I am sure no other pup will be as adorable and small as he was. Stay in touch and let me know when you get anymore adorable longhair females. Thanks a million.
~Angie from Arizona

August 2011
Wanted to let you know all is going good. The puppy’s new name is Thelma Rox Colby of Blueberry Land. She has been very good, only one accident, otherwise she has gond outside or aon a potty pad everytime. She is playing and sleeping with the other dogs. All is well. Thanks so much!
~Diana from Arizona

August 2011
Fuzzy Wuzzy is now Newton. He is doing great. He started puppy class today, and is doing quite well with potty training. He is a smart guy, and has made himself right at home. I have padded stairs that go up to our bed and he learned very quickly to go up and down them. My husband and I just love him! He is a great addition to our family!
~Amy from Arizona

July 2011
I am at home with our 2 babies! They are really cute and beautiful; Gracie is an adorable girl, full of life and her brother is so elegant and charming! My children are very happy. I did not have any problems picking the puppies up this morning. All the papers were there. I must say that I was a little bit stressed this morning, but finally, everything goes well! Thank you very much, Cindy, for these gorgeous puppies, we are absolutely under their charms!!
~Jose from France

July 2011
Just want to tell you that Evening Star is safe home…… and ADORABLE! I already did a visit at my mom with her. I can’t wait to show her to my little kids. Thanks for everything, keep you in touch!
~Mélanie from Canada

June 2011
I have the pleasure to inform you that Joli Coeur is now International Champion!! He won yesterday in Germany (CAC, CACIB, and BOB) and so, he finalized his championship. Now I hope he can be a French Champion and I will do all for that! Thanks one more time, Cindy, for this beautiful boy!!! Best regards.
~Maryline from France

June 2011
I just wanted you to know that we are enjoying the puppies tremendously. Even though I came to get one, they were so cute that I decided I couldn’t split up the two brothers. They have been renamed. Bruiser is now “Starsky” and Bounty Hunter is now “Hutch”. They are doing well with puppy pad training and having a great time playing together. I purchased a sling to carry them both together and I have used it around the house and they just love it. They are both very healthy, sassy and curious. As much fun as they have running and playing with each other, they also love to be held and snuggled with. Their temperaments are great and they seem to adjust easily to anything new, including getting a bath in the laundry sink. We are very pleased, and the vet says they are very healthy, too. I would recommend that anyone can feel safe purchasing puppies here.
~Toni and Gary from Arizona

February 2011

Dabby Doo has arrived. Thank you, she’s really pretty and well educated, I congratulate you. She jumps around the house, she is already at home, and plays with the kids so good. My wife is very happy, she is delighted. Again, thank you for this nice Dabby.
~Guillaume from France

February 2011
Thank you again for EVERYTHING you have done. I am VERY happy with Aspen and Bella. I gave them both a bath today and when I wrapped them up afterwards in a warm towel they fell right to sleep in my arms. Soooooo darn cute! I am madly in love and so happy I have the two. They are absolutely perfect together and they really love each other. Yeah! I am enjoying every second with them! Thank you for everything. It is greatly appreciated!
~Stephanie from Arizona

January 2011
Excuse me for not having responded sooner, but I had left for Switzerland yesterday afternoon. CREAM PUFF arrived. We arrived home this afternoon. It goes very well. She is beautiful, kind, curious, funny, and so small… she is absolutely perfect. Thank you very much, Cindy, for having produced this perfect little princess. We bought her a new red wool coat with a hood. She is absolutely adorable with it on her back. We’re totally crazy about her! While people are watching, she is a famous star! She was very nice in the car. She drank and ate. She loves cheese; she will soon become a real little French girl! Now she watches television on the sofa in her blanket. Thank you again with all our hearts for this little extraordinary girl!
~Sophie & Laurent from France

November 2010
Just a little smile to tell you all my satisfactions with my Little Joe. He is so beautiful with his very good type and gorgeous color and is so pleasant to live with. I just have to congratulate you for your talent for breeding such nice subjects, and the professional advice before, during and after purchase. All your new puppies are on the top, like every connoisseur could be looking for in terms of quality. I wish you only the best, and will give you news of my adorable Little Joe soon. Thank you.
~Marie-Odile from France

October 2010
We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to you for our precious puppy. He’s so intelligent, loving and lively. He is interacting so well with our two 3-year old doxies and our 16-year old female chihuahua. We love him dearly and would recommend anyone looking for that SPECIAL CHIHUAHUA to purchase one from you at Outwest Puppies. Our puppy, Chee Chee, has exceeded our expectations. You provided all the necessary information needed when we brought him home, which is so important. Once again, it was a pleasure dealing with you and we highly recommend you.
~Val & Mark from Arizona

September 2010
I just wanted to tell you what a joy Cassey Girl is. I can’t believe it but she is completely litter box trained and has been almost from day one! She has blended in well with our other chihuahuas. She is quite the flirt with Tigger and lays down really sweetly with Tia my other female. She has quite the personality but isn’t dominating. I just wanted to give you an update and let you know I have never had a puppy that trained that quickly. She is a winner. I always tell people who say “money can’t buy me love”, they have never had the love of a dog.
~Lydia from Arizona

May 2010
Elaia is very well. She is so nice and beautiful. I LOVE HER. We are very happy! She is very affectionate to live with. Thank you very much for everything, and for this beautiful present.
~Stephanie from France

April 2010
Its a long time time since I gave you some news from Lollypop! She’s very happy with her friends and I love her. Last Sunday, she was accepted for her LOF (French pedigree). She’s going to have her first babies with my Bogo at the beginning of June. I attached pictures for you. She’s a wonderful girl and very loving with me! I hope you will be happy with the pictures and recognize her. Ha ha! Best regards, and one more time, I tell you thanks very much for my little girl!
~Danielle from France

March 2010
Just wanted to let you know how Quito is doing. We did change his name to Gizmo. He is very easy to train compared to the other small dogs that I have had in the past. 🙂 He has full run of the house now. He is still quiet at night, which is perfect. We just love him. And the only time that he barks is when he is playing with our son. He never leaves my son’s side. Everyone says how lucky we are to have a perfect little pup. I couldn’t see us with a different dog than Gizmo. Thanks again a million times. UPDATE in OCTOBER 2010: Hey, figured I’d send you some new pictures of Gizmo now that he’s all grown up and let you know how he is doing. 🙂 Still the best pet ever… does great with both my boys and still no peeing or pooping in the house. Go to love it, LOL!
~Candis from Arizona

March 2010
Some news from Joli Coeur and Babette: Joli Coeur is a beautiful young boy and I hope he will be a champion. At the National Breeding Show (313 chihuahuas), he was the second young smoothcoat male and the next day in the special breeding show, he won the young smoothcoat class! I was so happy!! I bred him to Babette last week. I sent you a picture of the last show (this picture is on the website of the Chihuahua Club of France).
~Maryline from France

February 2010
Hurrah! Tanner has arrived home, all is excellent. He is remarkable, the best. The good boy knows commands by me. A big thank you, I so wanted such a boy. It was my dream, and you have executed it, to have helped Tanner to arrive to us. Such a handsome man you have entrusted to us, such a remarkable miracle. He likes our girls, joyfully runs, wags a tail, and grumbles on them a little. I send photos of Tanner. On one of them, he is very ridiculous–he smiles and says that he is very happy in Russia. We laughed very long. THANKS!!!

UPDATE #1 in April: Today we were at an exhibition. Tanner became the Best Junior and the Candidate for Young Champions of Russia and the Best Representative of breed. He was pleasant to the judge.

UPDATE #2 in May: Tanner became the Champion of Belarus and the Champion of Lithuania. It is remarkable how he traveled, good character, very benevolent and well brought up by you.

Yours faithfully.
~Evgenya from Russia

October 2009
Just a little word to say that all is good with the girls. Reine is now very sure, she has taken her mark and it is now as though she has always lived in Kerliviry. She likes the sofa, the English Policial Series on tv, and the lawn…. running, rolling, shouting… that is her great pleasure. I have to moderate her. Mystery prefers the dead leaves of the tree, running with the noise of dry leaves gives her much pleasure. She is very calm, but in the leaves she is completely crazy. Reine is very nice, but Mystery is exceptional. Thank you very, very much for sending her to me.
~Alain from France

October 2009
Chiquita is perfect, the most adorable little puppy inside and out. She has a huge personality and immediately stole our hearts. With frequent supervised trips outdoors, she picked right up on house training. She is full of enery and strong as can be, dragging one of my sneakers into the bedroom from the living room! She has a car booster seat arriving this week so she can travel safely and comfortably and see out of the window. She is just gorgeous and I’m so glad we found you. Your years of experience and selective breeding have paid off. Chiquita is the perfect little girl… healthy, inquisitve, loving, energetic, happy and just beautiful. Kindest regards.
~Terry from Arizona

September 2009
I’m writing you an update on Blondie to let you know how she is doing. She is eating dry food on her own, she’s been playing with us, and being the smallest sweetest thing we’ve ever seen. My family and friends are fascinated and they all want a little angel like her. 🙂 I thank you again for all the help and care.
~Diana from Bulgaria

August 2009
I took both puppies to the vet, and the vet said they are very pretty and healthy. The little black one has been renamed to Duckie because her growl is so cute, really gruff, and she actually barks like a duck. She is just learning to bark, and when I came home the other night, my back was turned away from her, and I heard her bark for the first time. My mother and I laughed so hard. Are there any ducks around your backyard….? I am not sure where her voice has come from… it is adorable. Everyone laughs at her bark voice. She has an adorable personality and loves playing with Paco. The little brown one has been renamed to Cinnabun. She loves being held, and is constantly demanding attention. They are huddled up together in their bed right now, asleep. Thank you for such wonderful puppies, including Paco. Paco is a happy guy again. 🙂 Thank you for everything.
~LaDawn from Arizona

August 2009
Rayban loves us. As soon as he got home, he started playing and jumping around! He as fallen in love with my little son! I am very happy to have him, thanks a lot. I will give you GOOD credit to all the breeders I know. His temperament is great, he is a nice happy dog, just as they should all be!!!! Thanks.
~Magda from Sweden

June 2009
Craig and I are MOST happy to report that Ben is developing into the kind of dog which ANYONE would LOVE having in their household as real family for themselves and other dogs! We think he’s a gentle and handsome boy with a wonderful personality who’d make a great stud. His coat is really beginning to “pop,” as groomers say in the grooming and show industry. Our groomer says that he’s very well-mannered and drop-dead gorgeous with his good looks and beautiful tail. She also says that he is by far the nicest little chi she has groomed in a LONG time in both his looks and sweet personality. We cannot thank you enough. Ben, Beau, and Stefie really enjoy playing vigorously early in the morning, during the afternoons, and right before bedtime every evening. They have formed a close and loving bond that I would describe as a human sibling bond. If we add another chi to the bunch, she’ll come from you. I’ve been checking the website and praying daily that your pups get sold to good homes. I promise to take a lot of regular portraits of Ben.
~Angie, Craig, Steffie, Beau, and Ben from Arizona

June 2009
Darwin is very lovely, asking for hugs and playing all the time. He is starting to be accustomed to Parisian life. Even if the first contact with the cats was a bit hard, they are now like typical cats and dogs! The weather was very nice this week, so Darwin is used to playing in the garden all day long. I received the AKC papers this morning. Thank you very much for everything.
~Sandra from France

May 2009
Amber has taken over our household. In less than a week, she has become the defender of our home. At first she was afraid of my various wheelchairs, but has now accepted that that is my principal tranportation. I take her for walks and she walks with me. The first day Amber had accidents adjacent to the glass doors. Either she has become housebroken or Linda and I are trained to take her outside! Amber has bonded with Linda and she tolerates me. She has stolen our hearts. I cannot thank you enough for raising such a great lady. Her first vet visit went quite well. She got her first rattlesnake immunization, her stool was negative for parasites, and her heartworm test was also negative. Her second rattlesnake immunization will come in a month. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
~Ray & Linda from Arizona

March 2009
Midnight Dream is really wonderful, and is on my knees while I write to you. I took her to the veterinary, and all is well with her. She got her passport and will officially became French when I receive the AKC papers and and register her to the SCC. We had our first leash training for Midnight Dream, and it was great. She likes to do it and she felt very important when my other chihuahuas looked at her. She discovered the hens, the peacocks, the goats, and was afraid of nothing. She is always facinated by TV, but she is so joyful I shall forbid her to see “Desperate Housewife” to keep her good disposition! She loves the cat, but only to play. When she wants to sleep, she puts the cat out. She is exclusive on her bedroom and she don’t want to sleep with other chi’s or the cat. She is already the star of our hearts. I attached a picture of our old manor where Midnight Dream lives now, far from America, but it is like she has always been living here, she really has a queen mentality. Thank you for selling her to us. With my best wishes for this sunny Sunday.
~Alain from France

March 2009
I want to tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with you. Honest people (as you probably know) are hard to come by now days. I deeply appreciate how easily we were able to work together. Thank you so much! As far as Tootsie’s first morning here, she was happy to be held by my husband this morning as we had our morning coffee together. Animals are my business so I am always Q’d to watching for even the smallest sign that a baby isn’t doing well. I feel confident that Tootsie is making a good adjustment to her new home. She is using the wee wee pad real well. I think potty training is going to be relatively easy. Again, thank you so much for selling her to us. She is adorable and we are already getting attached to her. Thank you for all your help. Bye for now,
~Bobbie from Arizona

February 2009
Diva and Mya arrived perfectly well! They are splendid and magic! The puppy kennel was clean and organized well. At home, they eat and drink without any problem. Mya’s perfect–sharp, independent, and very playful. Diva’s also perfect–soft and very tender. I congratulate you on the quality of pups and I appreciate your personality!!! The acquisition of the 3rd pup will be soon. You are the best. Thanks for your help, patience, professionalism, etc… Best regards.
~Alex from France

December 2008
Cookie has safely arrived to Denmark, and is doing just fine. There were no problems at all in the airport and with a bit of patience, everything went smoothly. She seems very happy, very sweet and loving, and very interested in people. She is absolutely adorable. My children love her and she seems to love them as well. Thank you very much for all the work you put into the shipment. Sincerely,
~Linda from Denmark

December 2008
Just a few words to tell you that yesterday Délicia went to her second show and this time she got “very promising and best puppy,” which is the best she can do in puppy class!! I was so happy. Now she is very close to 3 pounds and she is a sweetheart. Talk to you soon.
~Nathalie from France

November 2008
We just wanted to let you know that our new puppies, Echo and Charlie, are doing GREAT! They have quickly integrated into our household and get along wonderfully with the other animals. They are such a joy to have. They have also been doing amazingly good about going potty outside and not inside after the 1st night or so. Charlie is turning out to be quite the daddy’s boy. He follows me everywhere, Echo too. We want to thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to add these little rascals to our family. We applaud your very personable family breeding environment. We love our little boys. 🙂 So thank you again,
~Jeff and Amy from Arizona

October 2008
Ciocco and Husky are fine and we are very happy with them. We love them both too much. They are beautiful. I received their pedigrees Friday. Thanks for everything.
~Dominique from Switzerland

October 2008
Disco has arrived in France. He is so cute and beautiful. I am delighted. He is even more beautiful than I thought. He is very well socialized and very happy. I will give you regular news of him and I thank you again for your kindness. Cordially,
~Emilie from France

June 2008
We brought Lola home earlier this year. This week she turned 5 months and is so much more than we could have ever asked for. Her temperament is impeccable! Very affectionate, quiet, obedient, and so easy to crate and train! You were up front and knowledgeable with all of our questions. According to growth charts and true to your words, she has been on point with your predicted weight and size. As you indicated, she even came home paper/potty pad trained. We applaud you on the quality of your dogs and appreciate you as a responsible breeder! Thank you for bringing Lola into our lives.
~Justin and Ashlee from Arizona

May 2008
How are you? Chiki is very beautiful and a very good dog. I am very happy with her. If you have an other “Chiki” female for me, I’m very interested. I really hope you will have another beautiful female puppy for me. Thank you very very much.
~Sophie from France

April 2008
Thank you for the puppy, we love him. My finance named him Dulche (pronounced “dull chay”). He likes to burrow under the blankets and get in the cracks in the couch and between us to cuddle. He likes to lick and is eating ok and drinking too. He’s becoming very playful. We went and got a bunch of stuff at the store for him… clothes and a bed. We’re gonna get some chew toys today cause he started teething on the blanket last night. Thank you again for bringing him to us. Have a nice day.
~Jim from Arizona

April 2008
What a beatiful doll you send me!! Kimimela is so pretty and lovely!! I was really so worried for her travel, but when I saw my little angel in the kennel, I forgot everything. I only wanted to take her out and give her a big kiss. My compliments to you for the travel organization. At the airport, there were 3 dogs and Kimimela is the only one that passed veterinary customs without any problems. Thanks to you, all the things are doing well. The first thing she did upon arrival at home was to eat. Now she is playing with my 3 dogs. She is very playful and full of life. Thank you so much for my little girl.
~Antonella from Italy

April 2008
Everybody’s great. The pups went to the vet today for their parvo/distemper shots as well as the start of their lime disease series. They’ve all gained weight, including Promise. Precious weighs 1.8 pounds and Pumpkin weighs 1.9 pounds. They’ve been sleeping since we got back. Pumpkin cried and squealed. Precious didn’t make a sound. Of course, Promise growled at everybody. They are just too cute for words. I’m so glad I got them both. They’re playing, sleeping all night (they go to bed around 8 and don’t cry at all), and going to the bathroom on their paper and outside. I just love them to pieces. Promise does too. Thank you again for my puppies. Without you I wouldn’t have any of them. A friend of mine just sent them a big box of all kinds of toys, rawhide chews and even new coats. She hasn’t even seen them yet. They are loved by all and very spoiled.
~Candice from New Hampshire

March 2008
I just wanted to let you know that “Remy” (named after a character from Ratatouille) is doing quite well. I had him to the vet on Monday and his eyes, ears, lungs, coat and poop were perfect. No parasites or worms. He’s a very healthy little guy. I have had so many people ask me where he came from and I’ve given several people your website information. Thank you so much for everything. I really love my new baby!
~Kitty from New Jersey

February 2008
We got our puppy safe and sound. We love her so much. She really does have the best personality. Thank you for making this such an easy process. Thanks again!
~Nicole from California

November 2007
We purchased 2 male chi’s from you and they are doing so well. The vet always tells me that we found a wonderful breeder and could not have found better puppies if he would have bred them himself. They are so fun to play with and enjoy each other’s company just as if they were actual brothers. Our female is so happy that she has friends that are just like her. They all get along so well. Not once have we had a problem with them being all together. Everyone comments on how beautiful they are and are always asking if they are for sale. I have to tell them, “No,” but mention your name everytime someone asks where we found them. They have both remained very small. We named the white male Lightning. He is now 6 months old and is still only 1.8 lbs. We named the fawn/sable male Thunder. He is 7 months old and weighs 2.3 lbs. I will send some pictures as soon as soon as I get them developed. I hope all is well with you and yours. Happy Holidays and Well Wishes.
~Robert and Bethany from Arizona

September 2007
I hope this finds you and your family (both human and puppy!) doing well. Wanted to let you know how terrific Lilly is. It seems in the last few weeks she has turned into a grown up dog. She gets along with my 2 other dogs wonderfully and she is just such a treat to have around. Just looking at her makes me happy. She is the perfect combo of cuddler and troublemaker! At first she was only nice to me, but now she has warmed up to my husband and family friends. She is a great dog, lots of personality and so cute. Thank you again and again for such a great pup. Take care…..
~Sara from Nevada

August 2007
We took the new puppy to the vet. She had a great visit and received a clean bill of health. WE love her! Last night was her night to come out. Besides the fact that it was 1:00 AM, we played until 5:30 AM and she was still pretty playful. Her name is Baby. It just fits and everyone loves her. My husband was right; she does need me, but I need her too. She is the best medicine for me. Thanks for my perfect lil’ girl and for raising some of the finest Chihuahuas. We are very lucky to have her.
~Linda from Arizona

July 2007
Tinkers (Tinkerbelle) is doing great. She is eating and playing with everybody. She is such a good little girl. I haven’t heard a peep out of her yet, not a bark or a wimper. I am amazed, but very happy–she goes on the paper every time. I thank you for that. My daughter is sending you a picture of Tinkers playing with my 5-year old granddaughter in my backyard. Tinkers runs after her in the yard and she follows me wherever I go. We just love her. Anyway, thank you again for our little angel. Will keep in touch.
~Karen from Colorado

July 2007
We picked up Fluffy at the airport yesterday evening. Our family was so happy to see him, and we all love him. Thank you very much for such a nice puppy. We are very happy with Fluffy!
~Tamaki from West Virginia

July 2007
My little ones name, by popular vote, is Sissy. She has a totally clean bill of health from our vet as of Saturday and is settling in very well. Sissy is already “fetching” and “sitting”! We are both very happy critters! I can’t thank you enough!
~Chris from Arizona

July 2007
Just wanted to let you know that Fudgy won Winner’s dog and Best of Winners in Hattiesburg, MS. He now has 2 points toward his championship!!!!!!
~ DeAnne from Louisiana

July 2007
We are having so much fun with Joaquin. He is such a scream. I think he likes his new home. He just plays and plays and plays, and wears himself out. I think this morning he wore my husband out. My husband is a happy fellow with his new pup. We bring him almost everywhere we go. Everyone comes up to him and asks to pet him. He is a big hit with little kids. I’m amazed at how the little kids will ask first to pet him before they actually touch him. He’s very special and a great little pooch. We are going to get him into some sort of training program. We are very fortunate and so lucky to have such a beautiful pup with such a great, playful disposition. He really fits right in. Keep in touch.
~Jan from Arizona

June 2007
I just wanted to let you know that Bourbonne has arrived today. She’s fine and in perfect condition! The flight was 2 hours late, and I had to go to the freight terminal and fill out some forms for customs. Anyhow, at about 2:00 PM I could finally take her home and she was perfectly gentle and quiet. I’m so happy. She looks even better than on the nice pictures you sent me and she seems to be very social and outgoing. Thanks again for the perfect logistics and customer relationship on your side. I might buy some more pups from you in the future! Best regards,
~Wanda from France

May 2007
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know Paco is adjusting to his new surroundings. He really didn’t start eating well until Sunday. I was talking to my little niece on the phone when Paco heard her voice, stared at the phone, starting playing with his dry food, and all of a sudden started eating. I think I made a mistake on Saturday to get him to sleep. Paco started crying and I put him in bed with me. I fell asleep and woke up about an hour later and he was next to my head sound asleep. That’s where he slept all night last night. I guess that’s his new sleeping arrangements! You have been wonderful and I will always thank you and refer anybody to you who wants a little Chihuahua. If I ever get a second one, I’ll come to you. Thank you,
~LaDawn from Arizona

January 2007
Today is Bailee’s one year birthday!!! Happy Birthday, Bailee!!! She spends time at my house, too, with the three cats, five birds, and one dog, and is such a hoot. During her visits sometimes I laugh so hard I cry. She and my black cat, Merlyn, race through the house having a blast. I have only heard Bailee bark three times since we bought her. People who say chihuahuas are yappy just have not found a reputable breeder like yourself. Bailee is a dream, thank you for all you do for the breed. Have a wonderful 2007. Hope this finds you healthy and happy and may this year be filled with smiles and joy for you and your family. All the best always,
~Mia and Bre from Arizona

November 2006
Thank you so much! We have our puppy. He may be the cutest dog I have ever seen, and so loving! He’s NOT a “Fred”. We instantly renamed him “Nacho Libra”, (because my birthday is October 11 and his is October 1, and we are both libras)! HA! Jim agrees. He looks like his name. Little Nacho. He ate like a champ when he came home and went right on the paper where Miss Rocky goes… didn’t miss a step. He is 100 times cuter in person and we love him. THIS IS ONE INCREDIBLE DOG… loving, smart, proud, not afraid, NOT aggressive, loves to learn, and loves praise… all the good signs of a great pet. He is already learning from Miss Rocky and I think they will be great friends. We are SO VERY pleased. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
~Em from Ohio

November 2006
Just wanted to let you know the puppy is here in Portland and she is adorable! She loves our beagle. I will send you some pictures soon. She was so happy to get out of the kennel and is really having a great time with my 7 year old granddaughter, too. We are going to call her Ruby. She is beautiful. Thank you so much!
~Pam & Sean from Oregon

November 2006
Yippy! ZouZou is now home. She was fine and happy to see us. She is so lovely and sweet, like on the pictures. She is really very nice and I’m very happy. She has to sleep in my room and she doesn’t cry. We LOVE her. Thanks, Cindy, for this little princess… she has to learn French now!
~ Sylvie from France

October 2006
I just wanted to thank you again for the puppy. He is doing so well, always playful & happy… we love him!! Have a great day & thanks again!
~ Adriana from Nevada

September 2006
Sophie is doing great. She is a real sweetie and is very affectionate with all four of us. She got a good report at the vet. She is sleeping well at night and is doing very well with paper training and going potty outdoors in the grass as well. I will try and send you a picture. Thanks for all you and your sister did to get her started on the right foot.
~ Anita from Arizona

September 2006
Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that the puppy is doing great and the transition went fantastic. He is a ball of joy and energy, and the kids are having a blast with him! Thanks again,
~ Carlos from Florida

August 2006
Just a note to let you know that we are “over the moon” with our Charo. We thank you for all the love and care you obviously give your puppies before they go to their new homes! Charo has a personality that won’t quit and energy that knows no bounds. Our Vet had nothing but terrific things to say about her and her health, and was impressed that we were able to show all records of the shots, etc., that you had taken care of. Thank you again for our darling, healthy girl! We will always be grateful to you.
~ Joanie from Arizona

August 2006
Thank you, Cindy! Vanessa is very excited, as I am also. We appreciate you making this an easy and stress-free experience. Best regards,
~ Donna from California

April 2006
Just wanted you to know that “Maddy” is doing great. She is such a joy. She practically house trained herself from the start. She lets us know when she needs to go outside! She is all of 3 1/2 lbs +/-. Still as cute and petite as can be. She is fawn color with a black stripe down her back and all white chest. Her tail still curls on her back. Basically she looks the same as the picture you had on the website when I found her…just a little bigger. I will have to send you a picture sometime, if you like. She seems like such a happy puppy. Every time she visits the vet’s office….I never know if I will get her back!!! They just love her and pass her from one to another!!!! I keep checking your website…..soooo cute. You never know… I just may see another one I can’t live without!!!!! Thanks again.
~ Belinda from Arizona

March 2006
I just had to write you and let you know how GREAT our puppy (Bailey) is! She is such a joy! Great temperment and very loving. She’s got such a personality!!! We’re a very happy family with our little baby girl. She fits right in… I think she’s won all of our hearts, including 3 out of 4 resident felines. The other one who’s holding out, she’ll come around too. She’s just one kitty that rules the roost and demands law and order. Bailey is very curious and keeps trying to be her friend. No one hisses at her any longer, so she’s “in”!! I also wanted to thank you for recommending her to me. The whole family, including my husband, is madly in love with her (and she KNOWS it)! I also wanted to let you know that I received her AKC registration paperwork. Thank you again,
~ Vicki from Alabama

March 2006
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! She is so lovely and beautiful. Hexe is liking everything, but especially loves my husband. He is so happy! My little Mouse is a little bit jealous of Hexe, but I think they will be friends. I will send you pictures and more information later!
~ Sabine from Germany

February 2006
Hi, its Mandi from Spokane. Ryan and I love our puppy so much we might get another one from you in the next few months! I am spreading the word. Your puppies have the best dispostion. Our little guy is fabulous. I will keep in touch–thank you for getting back with me. I will look at your new litter and sweet talk my husband into one more…! Thanks.
~ Mandi from Washington

December 2005
I just wanted to let you know that our puppy’s new name is Chloe. I’ve attached a few pictures of her. My girlfriend cried in front of my family when I brought her out. Everyone at the vet loves her and thinks she’s the greatest Chi to come in there. I hope that you had a great Christmas, you sure did help make ours a great one!!! Thanks again,
~ Ben from California

October 2005
Coco arrived yesterday without a hitch. She is beautiful, sweet and loves her sister, Lola. They love to play constantly and she is such a good little eater. Here are some photos and a notepad I thought you’d enjoy. Best regards,
~ Ruth from New York

October 2005
We picked up “Boo” late last night around 1:30 AM. She looked a little scared but when we took her back to the hotel, she frolicked all over the place and licked our faces. Today we brought her home, and she is settling in. My husband won’t put her down. She went potty outside, which was good, and ate some of her food, as well as drank water from the dog bowl. Thanks again, we love her to bits!! Hope to talk to you again.
~ Tara and Lindsay from British Columbia

October 2005
Hi. We are very happy to tell you that Shila arrived safe in Sweden. All of us are very tired after spending the last 24 hours in a car, but very happy. It has been a long journey, but she finally arrived, thanks to you and your sister. I´ve attached some pictures of her first hours in Sweden. We will keep you updated. Thanks again!!!!
~ Joakim and family from Sweden

September 2005
I just wanted to check in with you to let you know I received the little gal and she is beautiful! The flight was fine for her and we had no problems getting her. I love her already!! Thanks.
~ Lori from Michigan

July 2005
I’d like you to know that as soon as Freddy came out of his shipping kennel, his tail was wagging. We gave him water and food and he was good after that. He’s been a joy since then! He sleeps for about two to three hours and then plays for about one. He was more responsive in that first day than Janice’s cats were for the past year. They’re gone, now that we figured out that she’s been allergic to them! I’m a dog person, so we have one more thing in common. Once again, thank you for breeding a great pup. He’s very playful and affectionate, and that suits her just great!
~ Joe & Janice from Ontario

July 2005
I take a little time to send you some news of Grumly. He did his first show in the middle of July, and he passed it well. He was a little shy on the table in front of the judge, but he walked very well. He took a “Very Promising” which is the best on puppy class in France. He took also the first place, and even if he was alone, he’s proud of his medal. All is excellent–head, color, legs, body… He weighs 4.3 lbs, and he’s a pack of muscle. Happily, he stays a sweet little bear, and makes lot of kisses (yuck…) and lot of cajolery (love that). Every night before sleeping in his crate he reads a book with me in bed and sometimes I have to pull up his head to turn the page and put it down. I learned to scratch a belly at the same time as reading, it’s the baba for a happy Grumly. :o) He loves puppies, he loves watch them and his favorite age is when they start to walk. Cortex is his girlfriend and they play together like little bulldozers. Its vicious love–smile. All is well, as you can see, and I’m very happy to have him. He’s the little Chihuahua I was wishing for. A lot of kisses from Grumly, have a good day.
~ Solange from France