Shipping Your Chihuahua Puppy

As a courtesy to our customers, we ship anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. Please contact us for details on international shipping. Our main concern is for the puppy’s health and safety and for you to receive your puppy as soon as possible. We ship our puppies in the care of our trusted puppy nannies. These people provide excellent care for our puppies during travel, and they truly care about the health and safety of each puppy. Shipping charges normally range anywhere from $400-$1,000 and are dependent upon distance and ticket prices at the time of purchase. This shipping fee will be added to the cost of the puppy. The date given below the puppy’s picture is the earliest date that he/she can be shipped. We take care of all the arrangements and make sure that your puppy is ready for flight. We do NOT use sedatives as they are dangerous and against airline regulations. International customers may have to pay an additional customs fee at pick-up.

Puppy Pick-up at the Airport

You will be part of a text thread between us and the puppy nanny before the puppy ever leaves our care, so you will be in direct contact with the person delivering your puppy.  You will be given regular updates and pictures during the puppy’s journey and specific directions on where to meet your puppy nanny. Pickup will occur at the airport at curbside in the arrival or departure area. Because our puppy nannies usually have to catch the next flight out, we encourage you to be prompt and arrive on time. Don’t forget your camera and feel free to tip your puppy nanny!!